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Running a business as a uni student

It can be expensive to study at university and many students need to get a job to help support them. However, it can be just as lucrative to run your own business and it can be a great way to boost your resume. There are many inspiring stories of university students who have put their classroom studies into practice and launched successful businesses whilst still studying. This blog has some profiles of successful businesses started by students as well as some articles on identifying businesses that can be run by a student. I hope it's inspiring to a new generation of business owners.


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Why Hire a Walkie Stacker Forklift?

If you have a short-term need to hire a pallet forklift to cover a busy period, then you may think that a standard machine is your best option. However, in some cases, a walkie stacker machine will do the right job for you. These forklifts do the same kind of work as larger models; however, they are smaller and more compact. You typically walk behind the machine and push it along; some models also come with stands and seated areas if you prefer. What are the advantages of hiring a walkie stacker?

Get a More Compact Forklift

If you don't have a large warehouse or storage area, then you may have trouble fitting a standard sized forklift in your space. If room is tight and your aisles are narrow, then you'll need some skill to manoeuvre the machine around. It may be harder to pick up pallets and set them down.

A walkie stacker is much smaller and more compact than the norm. These machines are simple to operate. They work effectively in the smallest of spaces and the tightest of areas. Whoever works the machine can load and unload pallets easily and quickly even if they don't have much room to work.

Avoid the Need For a Licence

If you hire a regular forklift, then you'll need to have at least one employee with the relevant forklift licence. If you're hiring an extra machine to cope with a busy period, then all of your licensed operators might already be busy working on your other forklifts.

While you can train someone else up to get the relevant licence, this takes time and costs money. If you hire a standard walkie stacker that isn't a ride-on model, then the person who uses it doesn't need to have a licence. You should ensure that they understand basic safety principles and how to work the machine, but that's it. They can start using the stacker as soon as it arrives.

Reduce Your Costs

If you want a cost-effective hire, then the size and power of a forklift affects your costs. If you don't need a larger and more powerful option, then a walkie stacker is a cost-effective option. A walkie stacker's size and basic features keep its hire and operating costs low. If you can do the job you need with this machine, you'll save money.

To learn more about walkie stackers and other forklift types, ask a forklift hire company for advice.