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Running a business as a uni student

It can be expensive to study at university and many students need to get a job to help support them. However, it can be just as lucrative to run your own business and it can be a great way to boost your resume. There are many inspiring stories of university students who have put their classroom studies into practice and launched successful businesses whilst still studying. This blog has some profiles of successful businesses started by students as well as some articles on identifying businesses that can be run by a student. I hope it's inspiring to a new generation of business owners.



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Factors To Consider When Constructing a Water Bore

Constructing a water bore for your home can provide clean and sufficient water for your household. Many considerations go into drilling a water bore — you need to choose the ideal location. The following are some of the critical factors you should make when choosing a suitable site to drill a water bore.

Approval To Construct a Water Bore

Before you drill a water bore, you need to determine what approvals are required. Depending on where you are located and the reason you are drilling the bore, you may need a water licence to use underground water. Additionally, you may need developmental approval to drill the water bore.

To ensure your construction is lawful, contact your local business centre. When reaching out to the local business centre, you need to have a current licence to use underground water. You also need to state how you intend to use the water and indicate the location of the property where you want to drill the water bore. You will require an exclusive licence for underground water taken for resource or mining activities.

Slope of the Land and Groundwater Level

You need to consider the slope of the land where you want to drill a water bore. The ground should be sloping away from the site. If the slope of the ground is towards the water bore, there is a likelihood of contamination from septic systems, runoff and other water sources. This means you will draw unclean water from the water bore. It's recommended that you choose a flat land to construct your water bore.

The groundwater level is also an important consideration. You should target sites with a high water table for significant water pressure. It may help to hire an inspector to examine the potential areas to find out their water levels. After you have the results from several locations, choose the site that has the greatest water table.

Water Bore Construction Standards

Water bore drilling should be based on the construction requirements for drilling bores in Australia. After the bore has been completed, the available water needs to be tested for quantity and quality. Also, due to problems with bacteria in the water bores, it's essential to treat the water bore with a sterilising agent. When a water bore is infected with iron bacteria, it's usually challenging to get rid of the bacteria.

There are some other essential details you need to consider before you start drilling. These include:

  • Water Bore Casing — It should be strong enough to prevent the hole from collapsing
  • Water Bore Pumping — You should ensure the bore does not pump sand or fine particles
  • Size of the Water Bore Casing —The casing should be large enough to ensure it accommodates the pump and that no part of the pump is exposed.

Contact a water bore drilling service for more information.